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About us

Daring to quantify the markets

About QuantDare

There are some things impossible to quantify. The deliciousness of your grandma’s cookies, or how exciting it is to train a neural network, for example. But financial markets are made of numbers – among other things. They should be measurable, quantifiable. Nobody said it would be easy. But we dare.

The Scientific blog of Ets Asset Management Factory

But, what’s ETS Asset Management Factory? The clue is in the name. We’re a factory, of course. In a nutshell, we build algorithmic investment strategies. We apply our Math and Computer Science skills to design and improve systematic quantitative methodologies for our risk and asset management solutions.

Two thirds of our staff are fully devoted to Research & Development. Our scientists have different backgrounds, but they are all mad about finding state-of-the-art solutions to financial challenges. And that includes exploring every technique, every unanswered question, and every path that may lead us to our goals.

This blog is one of those paths. A space to experiment, to search for creativity. A place to share, to keep learning.

Above all, a space to dare.

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